Man honors late brother, raises suicide awareness by hiking Pacific Crest Trail

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The day Chea Sequah lost his brother, changed his life forever.  Nickai was a married father of one and just 28-years old when he took his own life.

“He was an airline steward,” Chea says.  “He love his job, loved what he did and was so passionate about music and his job.”

It’s been four years, and Chea will likely never know why his brother ended his life.  But he is now taking big steps to remember it, to celebrate it and hopefully help others touched by suicide.

Inspired by his brother’s love for hiking and a hiking documentary, 35-year old Chea is about to leave his family to set out on the Pacific Crest Trail.  It is  2600 mile trek from the U.S.-Mexico border all the way to Canada via California, Oregon and Washington.

He will spend four months backpacking through desert and mountainous terrain and will chronicle his journey on his blog with videos and pictures.  He will also be raising money for the countless other families he’s encountered over the years who have been wounded emotionally and financially by suicide.

“We kept constantly coming across these people who were not able to put their loved ones to rest or give them the burial they deserve,” he says.

For the past year Chea has planned, purchased and packed supplies he will need all while training his body to handle the rigors of the trip.

Supplies are being shipped to checkpoints ahead and most of his fears are in check.

“I’m more scared of lightning .I’m scared of the weather,” he says.  “I’m not so much scared of the animals I think the animals are scared of us.”

Chea plans to get in 15 to 25 miles a day and wrap up the trip in early August. Each day will be spent remembering the younger brother who often hiked at his side..

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