Google Maps turns into a game of Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools

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If you have the Google Maps app on your phone, open it now for a fun surprise.

Google has a history of pulling pranks and putting out Easter eggs for April Fools. This year they have turned the interface for Google Maps into a game of Ms. Pac-Man.

In order to play, all one has to do is open up the Google Maps app on their phone.

Once the app is open, you can find a pink Ms. Pac-Man circle on the right of the screen. If you press the pink button, the interface changes, turning the streets you’re located at into a Pac-Man map.

The Pac-Man route changes depending on what directions you put into Google Maps and in order to move around the map, you just have to swipe in the direction you wish to go.

The Internet browser for Google Maps also turns into a game of Ms. Pac-Man, but to navigate the map you must use the arrow keys on your keyboard.


It is important to keep in mind to not play the game while navigating the real roads.