Chicago alderman signs order to fund anti-violence programs

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CHICAGO –A Chicago alderman unveiled a plan to redirect millions in extra revenue identified by the treasurer's office to fund programs for anti-violence, job training and after-school efforts in all 50 wards.

The money could make a big difference for many organizations.

It is not a done deal and still has a few hurdles to cross, but Alderman Ricardo Munoz is hopeful. He signed the order today called “Safe Summer 2017.”

The Chicago treasurer recently announced the city had an extra $57 million in its coffers because of better-than-expected investment earnings. Munoz wants to take $25 million of that to use towards preventing violence which tends to rise during the summer.

Munoz says he was able to get 47 of his fellow 50 aldermen to sign the order. The next step is to have hearings on the issue, but he hopes to have the city council enact it next month, with a couple months to spare before the summer begins.

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