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Have the Niagara Falls ever frozen over?

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Dear Tom,
On a visit to Niagara Falls last year, we learned that the falls has been completely blocked by ice in the river upstream of the falls only one time. When did this occur?
— Henry Applebaum and family

Dear Henry,
The falls consist of the Horseshoe Falls, the smaller American Falls and the even smaller Bridal Veil Falls, all of which comprise the Niagara Falls complex. The American Falls has been blocked by ice in the river on seven occasions (six of them in 1883, 1896, 1904, 1909, 1936 and 1947), but the entire complex only once: for a period from March 29-31, 1848. During the night of March 31, a “low growl” began upstream of the falls and water rushed down the dry riverbed, then over the restored falls. This is the only recorded instance of the entire Niagara Falls complex being totally blocked by ice.

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