#FeedonThis: A revealing look at Jay

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CHICAGO - Revealing interviews or pictures weren't really Jay Cutler's thing when he was the quarterback of the Bears.

But now that he's left, it appears he's a bit more liberated - or at least he is on his wife's Instagram.

On Tuesday Kristin Cavallari posted a picture of a naked Cutler from the back while the couple is on vacation. It became the talk of sports social media and was apart of Social Fodder on Sports Feed.

Josh Frydman's commentary on this most revealing photo is part of #FeedonThis for Tuesday and you can watch it in the video above.

The White Sox showed their rebuilding hopes on Tuesday when they decided to go with a young player in centerfield instead of a veteran.

Peter Bourjos is off to Tampa in a trade while Jacob May is likely in as the starter in center for the White Sox, who open the season in just six days.

Josh had reaction from Jacob and some thoughts on the White Sox decision in the video above.

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