True or False Game with Josh McDermitt from The Walking Dead!

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Behind the scenes story: The Walking Dead's Josh McDermitt was expecting a car service to pick him up at his hotel. What he didn't expect was that I was his car service. When he came out and saw me behind the wheel, he pointed at me and smiled. Damn. There went my prank. I didn't expect that he would recognize me. I guess I should have thought that there might be a chance because we follow each other on Twitter, but with all of the people that follow him, I guess I thought there would be no way he'd spot me. My plan was to drive him and make some small talk first. Then, I'd start bringing up WGN Morning News. I'd say that no one watches that show and that he's wasting his time, etc. Then, when I felt like I couldn't keep from laughing any longer, I'd ask if he'd mind if I put on some music and I'd play "Easy Street." (A song that they played as torture music for Daryl and was played again in a recent episode that showed Eugene enjoying the song.) Oh well, it's probably more fun that he knew it was me and he hopped up front to ride to the station with me. We talked about Chicago, the lake front, strangers that offer advice, Richard Simmons, Mario Lopez, producing and writing for radio, books made into movies, Jim Rome, stand up comedy, Michael Rooker, Greg Brady, acting, family, etc. In short (too late for that, right?), Josh is cool. Real. Genuine. When we got to the studio, he took pictures with anyone that asked him for one without hesitation. As a matter of fact, he hugged each in-studio audience member individually that came in costume to watch his interview. I've never seen that done before. He was very impressed with their costumes and makeup. He identified each character from the show and saw his first Jadis. (Well done, World of the Weird Monster Show!) On top of all of this awesomeness, he taped a segment with me (it airs Monday at 8:20). It was his idea to use these costumed folks in the background for it, too. So, why am I sharing all of this with you? A couple reasons. First of all, you rarely hear good stories about celebrities. Secondly, I'm always impressed when celebrities are normal human beings. And mostly, I think we can all learn that being nice will always leave a lasting impression no matter who you are in this world. Thanks, Pickles. #FFChicago

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