Watch live video of April the giraffe, officials say her belly growth is ‘mind blowing’

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HARPURSVILLE, N.Y. — Zookeepers at Animal Adventure Park said that April the giraffe is moving slower and her belly continues to grow, all signs that mean her delivery is coming along well.

Zoo officials said on Facebook Thursday that April’s “belly growth from last week to this week is still mind blowing – she has to fit a 6′, 150 pound calf somewhere!” They also reported on Wednesday that she seemed to be a little moody.

The zoo announced that they have partnered with Toys ‘R Us in an effort to bring awareness to the plight of the giraffe as well as the need to create a sustainable future for them. They also said they will be donating $25,000 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the only non-governmental organization in the world that focuses solely on the conservation and management of giraffes in the wild.


Park officials have created a website for April and continue to update the world on the progress of April’s pregnancy.

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