App helps the hungry order healthier

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It’s spring break season and summer is around the corner. Plenty of people are eating better - or at least trying to these days--even when they order out.

A new app can help keep you on track when it comes to ordering out.

Order Healthy was developed by Ben Sakhai and his brother. They were living and working in New York and wanted a system for better eating in the "city that never sleeps" and the restaurants there with kitchens that never seem to close.
"We wanted to come up with a clever way to be able to find the healthiest foods without having to do a ton of research every time you're looking at a menu,” Ben said.

So they developed Order Healthy and the free app launched in Chicago last fall. It partners with to rate menu items--not restaurants- in a way just about anyone can understand: red, yellow and green lights.

There’s no calorie counting nor points to track.

The green lights simply indicate the healthiest foods on any menu that comes up. Red is the least healthy. Researchers say labeling food like this typically results in 10% less calories ordered by diners.

Harvard researchers found this simple approach really does work and results in people sticking to eating healthy longer.

One survey by Green Chef says over half the population plans to change their diet in 2017 and Order Healthy might already be helping. They have 4,000 users in all and over 10,000 restaurants across the country rated by the app and more than 700 restaurants in Chicago. It is available in iOS. An Android version should be unveiled this fall.


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