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Around Town visits Oberweis

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Oberweis Dairy
951 Ice Cream Drive
North Aurora, Illinois 60542

Bio for Joe Oberweis

Joe Oberweis, President and CEO of Oberweis Dairy, is the 4th generation Oberweis family member to run the company since its inception nearly 100 years ago.  Joe became CEO in 2007.  Joe’s great grandfather, grandfather, uncle and mother preceded him in running the family business.  Joe has childhood memories of long summer days scrubbing floors and doing whatever was required to keep things clean for customers.  In those days he was content to work for a few scoops of his favorite ice cream - strawberry.  He also loved Oberweis milk, but today it is nothing short of a passion for him. Joe sees great growth potential for the company by sticking to the century-old values of his great grandfather and ensuring the company produces the best tasting milk and ice cream possible.  Joe embodies the company mission of making the lives of Oberweis customers a little happier, a little easier and a lot more delicious.  Joe lives in Batavia, IL, with his wife and 5 children (ages 1 to 12).  He is teaching his children to share his passion for the company and its delicious products.