Has there ever been a calendar year in Chicago without snow?

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Dear Tom,
Has there ever been a calendar year in Chicago without snow?

Vince Hall,
Oak Lawn

Dear Vince,

There has not. While snowfall totals are almost always kept seasonally, on a fall to spring basis, the snowfall numbers can easily be totaled annually. Dating back to 1885, the city’s first full year of snowfall data, using a January-December summation, Chicago climatologist Frank Wachowski found that 1922 is the year that has produced the least snow, just 8.3 inches. Closely following are the years 1921 with 9.7 inches and 2001 with 9.8 inches. In contrast, 1978 takes the honors for producing the most snow with 95.3 inches, distantly followed by 69.8 inches in 2014, 68.5 inches in 1967 and 67.0 inches in 1951 as distant runners-up.

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