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Bike tickets issued predominantly in Chicago’s minority areas

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CHICAGO, Ill. — A Chicago Tribune report says all of Chicago’s leading 10 areas for police-issued bike tickets are predominantly African American or Latino.

The Tribune analyzed police statistics from 2008 through most of 2016. Of the leading 10 areas, seven were written in mostly African-American regions and three were in majority Latino. None of the top 10 were in majority-white areas.

Some advocates are questioning the racial disparity.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says police are concerned with the safety of all Chicagoans.

Overall enforcement for bike citations have spiked. The Tribune reports there were 468 tickets issued in 2010 and 3,301 in 2015, or about seven times higher.

The increase comes as the city has encouraged biking with more bike lanes and Divvy ridesharing stations.