Schiller Park Follow-up: A Call For Independent Investigation

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Late Friday, the mayor of suburban Schiller Park called for an independent death investigation after a WGN Investigates report this month.

In our story, we found two slipshod police investigations into the deaths of two past girlfriends of a man who is running against the mayor.

It's the latest in a firestorm that has the police department defending itself, backing the candidate, angry with the mayor, and as you'll see from Thursday night's village board meeting, angry at WGN for our investigation.

It was standing room only at the village town hall meeting after our investigation into the failures of the Schiller Park Police Department to conduct even the most basic look into the deaths of two girlfriends of a village official, Nick Caiafa, who is now running for mayor.

A few handful wanted answers.

The candidate himself was a no show. Many in the crowd and trustees upset by the political atmosphere questioning a flyer sent out from a mysterious group quoting our investigation.

Nearly all voiced opposition to the current mayor -- and even some angry with WGN for telling the story.

The police chief, whose best friend is mayoral candidate Caiafa, received a standing ovation.

Lost in all shouting: the families whose mom, sister and daughter died. Both Mary and Lorraine's death investigations were closed by the Schiller Park police a long time ago.

WGN Investigates obtained the police and coroner reports. Reading them left us with more questions than answers. So, we asked Sergio Acosta, a former assistant states attorney in Florida and federal prosecutor in Chicago, to look them over.

Simple things are missing from the police reports, basic things like talking to the family of the victims. We did, the Schiller Park Police Department did not.

At Thursday night's village meeting, Mary's brother called for an independent investigation in both Mary and Lorraine's deaths.

As the meeting ended, the current mayor tried to speak as well. But, she didn’t have the last word.

The mayoral election is April 4th.

Whoever wins, the questions remain what exactly happened in the deaths of Mary and Lorraine.

Caifa maintains the deaths were tragic accidents of women he loved that still cause him emotional pain today.

WGN Investigates will continue to look into Schiller Park Police Department.



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