Iowa attorney general sues makers of ‘drinkable sunscreen’

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Osmosis Skincare

The makers of a ‘drinkable sunscreen’ are being accused of dangerous consumer fraud.

The Iowa attorney general’s office filed a lawsuit against the Colorado-based company Osmosis.

According to Osmosis, the┬ádrinkable sunscreen — called UV Neutralizer — contains a form of radio frequencies called “scalar waves” that when ingested can block UVA and UVB waves.

Osmosis says it offers “protection comparable to an SPF 30.”

Iowa’s attorney general calls it “pseudo-science” and said there isn’t any proof that the product prevents sun exposure.

The attorney general’s office also notes that the owner of Osmosis, Benjamin Taylor Johnson, made references to his medical degree in ads for the sunscreen, but lost his license to practice medicine in Colorado in 2001. He holds a license to practice in California, according to Buzzfeed.

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