‘Armed and dangerous’ suspects sought after Hinsdale jewelry store robbery

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HINSDALE, Ill. -- Three masked men armed with handguns broke into a jewelry store in broad daylight in the western suburbs -- and the heist was caught on camera.

The robbery happened just after 10 a.m. Friday at Razny Jewelers, 37 S Washington St., in Hinsdale.

Surveillance video captures the store's security guard turning his back for a moment, and three armed men then running inside the store.

A woman behind the counter was thrown to the floor, and the security guard was violently tackled onto a table by two of the suspects.

Police say both jewelry store employees were taken to the basement and held with another employee as the robbers ransacked the store.

Security camera shows the suspects run to an open door with merchandise, thinking it was an exit. That door actually lead them to the Starbucks next door. The men grabbed an employee from the Starbucks and forced him to show them the exit.

The three suspects fled in a silver Lexus SUV.

No store employees were seriously injured.

The deputy police chief says this kind of violent crime is rare for the upscale suburb of 17,000 residents.

During the robbery, a nearby school was placed on lock-down, and the Starbucks was closed for hours.

Police are continuing to interview witnesses and review surveillance video.

The suspects are considered armed and dangerous.

At least one of the suspects shows his face clearly on camera, so police are asking for help from the public in identifying the alleged robbers.


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