Mild temperatures with light rain expected

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Chicago’s strong cold spell has ended and temperatures are on an upward trend. Readings push into the 40s and 50s through the seven-day period (but certainly not the heat wave experienced in Chicago in 2012 when, from March 14th through 22nd, daytime temperatures rose into the 80s on eight of the nine days). Precipitation will be light Thursday night into Friday morning, occurring as a little rain possibly mixed with snow. A few light showers are expected late Sunday night into Monday. Normal highs now are in the upper 40s, so temperatures in the upcoming seven-day cycle actually are expected to average near normal.

The blizzard in the Northeast, winding down Wednesday, produced some spectacular snow totals and wind speeds. Binghamton Airport in New York reported 31.9 inches of snow and Plum Island, Mass., experienced a wind gust of 77 mph.

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