Can northern snowbirds return from Naples, Florida early this year due to this season’s mild winter?

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Dear Tom,
My wife and I are six-month snowbirds in Naples, Florida. Because of this season’s mild winter, I’d like to return earlier than usual on May 6. Are we safe from snow and freezing temperatures?

Gerry Deppe

Dear Gerry,
While there are no absolute guarantees, the odds of no snow or subfreezing temperatures are overwhelming in your favor. The city’s latest freeze encounter was a 32-degree low on May 25, 1992 and since 1871 there have been limited occurrences beyond May 6. When they do occur, it is briefly at sunrise with afternoon highs quickly rebounding to the 50s or 60s. Since that late May 1992 freeze there has only been one freeze beyond May 6, a 31-degree low on May 21, 2002. Other than rare flurries, measurable snow beyond May 6 is almost unheard of. The city’s last occurrence and latest-on-record was 0.2 inches on May 11, 1966.

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