NASA returns bag of moon dust to Chicago-area woman after lawsuit

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CHICAGO — After a year long court fight, NASA has returned a bag of moon dust to a woman from the Northwest suburbs.

Back in 2015, Nancy Lee Carlson purchased the bag for $995.

She bought it in a mix-up during an online government auction.

The bag was used to store moon rocks collected by Apollo 11 astronauts.

Carlson sent the artifact to NASA for testing.

The space agency found it did contain the lunar dust and decided they would not return it — arguing it was NASA property.

That prompted a legal battle, and a federal judge recently ordered NASA to return the moon dust to Carlson.

She hasn’t decided what her plans are for the bag, but she won’t keep it at home.

Carlson said she has been getting hundreds of email every day from people who want to see the rare treasure.

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