The Heydaze Perform Their New Song, ‘Hurt Like Hell’

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Few bands have as much authentic chemistry as New York-based group The Heydaze. Vocalist Jesse Fink, guitarist Andrew Spelman, drummer Tyler Matte, and bassist Alexander Glantz are true best friends, finishing one another’s sentences while lovingly hurling insults and inside jokes. “We like cheering each other on,” says Jesse, “but we can also be very brutally honest to each other without taking it personally.” Each member identifies this apparent camaraderie as their defining trait as a group; as imperative to their studio experience and live show. But their chemistry also translates into the music itself, allowing The Heydaze to create and hone a unique blend of pop and alt-rock, with messaging that truly resonates.

Jesse, Alexander, and Andrew met and began playing together in college (Tyler, a friend-of-a-friend joined the band shortly after graduation). They’re undoubtedly goofy; drawing inspiration from some of the early-2000s pop punk bands that Tyler worshipped growing up. But despite a level of organic and infectious silliness, all four members of The Heydaze take their craft seriously. They’re multi-instrumental, highlighting the importance of learning one another’s instruments for writing purposes.

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