Former congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. speaks about his divorce

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CHICAGO -- Jesse Jackson Jr. says he and Sandi, whom he now calls Sandra, would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on June 1st, instead they are battling it out in court.

The former congressman explained in his own words today why he's asking for former police superintendent Garry McCarthy and two other former Chicago police officers to be subpoenaed to testify about any personal or business relations they had with his wife, former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson.

Sandi Jackson has called the request a fishing expedition and McCarthy has denied through his lawyer any involvement in the matter.

Without going into any details, Jackson Jr. says his children were aware of these mysterious issues long before he went to prison.

This has become a contentious divorce with Sandi Jackson filing for divorce in Washington D.C.

As the Illinois judge decides in which jurisdiction the case belongs, Jackson Jr. says he feels he's being attacked from every angle.

The judge has decided to stay the issue of whether McCarthy and the other two police officers should have to testify until she can determine whether this divorce case belongs in Illinois or Washington D.C.