WGN’s Marcus Leshock trains for the Fight for Air Climb

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The American Lung Association's Fight for Air Stair Climb is a week from Sunday. thousands of people come out for this at the presidential towers. We talked with one of the top climbers, Nick Oyenik, he climbs in honor of his grandmother who passed away from lung cancer. Nick's is a 17-time climber who finishes in the top 10 percent and he gave Marcus Leshock some tips on how to boost your stair climb time.

Join the WGN-TV Stair Climb Team on March 5th as we tackle the Fight for Air Climb at Presidential Towers. There are four towers, 45 stories each...you can climb as many as you like. The fee to sign up is $25 dollars and there's a $100 fundraising requirement. Register at to join Team WGN at the Fight for Air Climb website.