Scientists say Field Museum is wrong about ‘Tully Monster’

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Tully Monster

Tully Monster

CHICAGO — Some scientists are challenging the Field Museum’s claim that a mysterious 300-million-year-old monster is a jawless fish.

The “Tully Monster” is a foot long. It was discovered almost 60 years ago in downstate Illinois.

Last year, researchers concluded that it was similar to a Lamprey Eel.

But now, some paleobiologists say last year’s research is flawed, and there’s no way the Tully Monster is even remotely related to a fish.

They say, fish have complicated eyes, but the Tully Monster’s eyes are far too simple to categorize the creature as any kind of aquatic vertebrate.

The new study in the journal Paleontology suggests that Tully Monster could be some kind of arthropod like a lobster, or a kind of mollusk, like a sea cucumber.