Lunchbreak: Cacio e pepe pasta, prepared by Animale chef Cameron Grant

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Chef Cameron Grant

1904 N. Western Avenue
(872) 315-3912

Cacio E Pepe

8 oz spaghetti, al dente
10 oz chicken stock
3 oz butter
3 Tbs Parmesan, grated
1.5 Tbs Pecorino Romano, shredded
2.5 Tbs Grana Padano, grated/shredded
3 pinches black pepper
salt to taste

Reduce 8 oz stock, 3 oz butter, 2 pinches pepper and some salt in a medium sauté pan until sauce starts to thicken. Toss in cooked to al dente spaghetti. Add the rest of the stock, 1 Tbs Pecorino Romano, 2.5 Tbs Grana Padano and the rest of the butter. Toss until the sauce fully coats the pasta and then plate in a bowl. Top with the rest of the Pecorino Romano, Parmesan, and a pinch of black pepper.


Animale Kicks Off Chef Burger Series This March

It all started with Animale’s Burger – an Italian ciabatta bun topped with two juicy Piedmontese patties, creamy fontina cheese, pickles, and “Savage Sauce.” Craved all across Chicago, this

ultimate burger shows off Chef/Owner Cameron Grant’s skills when it comes to grilling a musthave patty, and starting March 1, he invites local chefs to join in, all in the name of charity.

Challenging chefs across Chicago putting their patty-building skills to work, Animale kicks off its first Chef Burger Series benefitting Meals on Wheels Chicago, bringing local chefs and diners

together over the love of a good burger. From March through October, it’s all eyes on burgers at Animale, with eight chefs collaborating with Chef Grant, all for a charitable cause.

Aiding in Meals on Wheels’ goal of supporting homebound seniors and those with disabilities, Animale’s Chef Burger Series welcomes a slew of local culinary greats grilling up an exciting variation of a classic patty each month. Kicking off with Chef Ashlee Aubin of Salero’s rendition of a lamb burger in March, chefs from restaurants including Entente, The Dearborn, and

Homestead on the Roof treat foodies to a lineup of not-to-be-missed patties from Spanish influenced to seasonally-inspired. A series burger fans everywhere will crave, the schedule is as


Ashlee Aubin/Salero – March

Brian Fisher/Entente – April

Dan Pancake/Autré Monde Café & Spirits – May

Chris Pandel/Swift & Sons – June

Craig Fass/Bad Apple – July

Aaron Cuschieri/The Dearborn – August

Hunter Moore/Parson’s Chicken & Fish – September

Scott Shulman/Homestead on the Roof – October