Chicago’s longest continuous weather records at Midway Airport

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Hi Tom,
The official thermometer in Chicago has been in a number of locations over the years, but is there any one of them that has had a thermometer there, official or not, for all or most of the time?
— Kathy Stohrer, Evanston

Dear Kathy,
The Midway International Airport site takes the honors for the city’s longest continuous weather record. Observation began there in March 1928 and has continued uninterrupted to present. During this 89-year time period, Midway was the city’s official observation location for nearly 38 years, from July 1, 1942, through Jan. 17, 1980. The second-longest record is the one from O’Hare International Airport. Observations began there Oct. 30, 1958, and continue today. O’Hare has been the city’s official weather site since January 1980, when it took over that designation from Midway.