Joe Maddon surprises Cubs with Ferrari to drive home ‘humility’ message

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MESA, Ariz. - Joe Maddon's long-awaited surprise with co-conspirator Tim Buss helped drive home this year's spring training theme of 'humility.'

Buss, the team's strength and conditioning coach, pulled into Cubs camp early Tuesday morning behind the wheel of a $400,000 Ferrari.

In fact, he drove it right onto the warmup field, which is why Maddon had to wait until the surface dried up to implement his plan.

The stunt, like many of the other tricks Buss has helped Maddon with, was well-received by the players, partly because they all think so much of the man they call 'Bussy.'

"His skill set exceeds being the strength and conditioning coordinator, obviously," explained Maddon. "After he got done, he's talking to them about how he wants them to run while he's in a suit with a little gold chain around his neck and the same suit he wore to the White House. I loved it. It was perfect. I don't even know if there's another guy in any camp that can pull off what he does every day."

"It takes a special kind of guy and he is that special kind of guy," noted Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber. "That guy grinds it every day. I worked a lot with him last year and this offseason. I love him to death. He's one of the best in the business."

"That's Bussy being Bussy and having a good time," remarked Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo. "You know with all the crazy things us players did this offseason, him going to buy a Ferrari's even crazier."