What is the record for the number of consecutive days of record-breaking temperatures?

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Dear Tom,

What is the record for the number of consecutive days of record-breaking temperatures?

Brian Hayes
Triton College math teacher

Dear Brian,
As unseasonable February warmth continues, Chicago logged its fourth straight record high Monday afternoon as O’Hare reached 70 degrees. Despite the four-day string, there is still a long way to go before threatening the city’s record of 10 in a row that occurred during a remarkable late-season heat wave in 1953. During the period from August 24-September 3 the mercury reached 90-degrees or higher for 11 straight days that also included two days of triple-digit heat. Ten consecutive record highs were tied or broken from August 25-September 3. Sixty-four years later, six of those records remain in effect, including back-to-back 101-degree record highs on September 1-2.

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