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Northwestern hooper with Hollywood ties carves out own role for Wildcats

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As a walk-on for the Northwestern Wildcats, Charlie Hall is by no means a star.
He’s played just seven minutes this season and hasn’t scored in his two years.
But when the Wildcats need to lighten the mood on their march toward March, they turn to Hall.

"I would describe him as a character," said Northwestern forward Sanjay Lumpkin. "He brings life to any room he's in."

Hall is the Cats' clown. He leads the team in laughs, whether through self-depricating humor or card tricks, which he learned from watching YouTube videos.

It's easy to see where this barnstorming ballplayer gets his personality. Charlie's mom is 7-time Emmy winning actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus and his dad is fellow Saturday Night Live alum and actor/writer/director Brad Hall.

"I don't know how much people know he has a famous mom but he doesn't seem to make a big deal out of it," Brad Hall said. "He's a humble kid. If I was a Northwestern student, which I was, I'd go 'Ah that's a nice boy.'"

Charlie learned when he was young his mom and dad weren't like all of ours.

"I didn’t quite understand the concept that they were different," he said. "I thought everyone’s parents were stopped for autographs which is funny. I slowly realized once I started getting older that it only happened with my parents and I put it together that they were famous."

His parents--both NU grads who met on campus--always find a way to watch his games,whether in the stands or on their phones.

"He's got an in with coach Collins so that if I want to place, I feel like I'm one step closer, because I've got some eligibility left," Brad Hall joked.

If there’s anyone that can relate to Charlie about growing up with famous parents, it's his head coach Chris Collins. Collins' father Doug was the former number one overall pick in the NBA, playing several seasons for Philadelphia than coaching four teams, including the Chicago Bulls.

"I always wanted my own identity," Chris Collins said. "I was super proud of my dad, but I wanted my own name and legacy, so I think I'm sympathetic to him wanting those same things. I want him to be Charlie Hall."

Basketball has helped Charlie carve out his own lane. But the Radio/TV/Film major's next career could follow in his famous folks' footsteps.

"I'm leaning toward directing or writing, outside shot at acting, but I just don't think I'm a very good actor honestly," Charlie said.

"A lot of people who are in show business are like, 'Oh my kid, I don't want him to go into show business,'" Brad Hall said. "I really like show business so if he wants to go into it, I think that's fantastic."