Chicago temperatures hit 70’s in February for 4th time since 1871

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CHICAGO — Weather history was made again on Saturday when temperatures reached 70 degrees, obliterating the old record of 62 degrees set in 1981, but this is the second earliest temperatures reached those levels on record since 1871.

By noon CST Saturday temperatures had reached record high levels across the Chicago area. The official observing site for Chicago at O’Hare International Airport reached 63-degrees at 11:35AM CST breaking the old record of 62-degrees set back in 1981.

At Midway the noon reading of 64-degrees easily eclipsed the old record of 62 for this date set back in 1961. At Rockford the high at noon was 62-degrees exceeding the old record of 58-degrees set back in 1981.

Even more, 70+ degree temperatures were only recorded three other times since 1871:

70-degrees on February 11, 1999
72-degrees on February 25, 2000
75-degrees on February 27, 1976

Chicago also had bragging rights over many places that are typically warmer in February, with these afternoon temperatures:

Memphis, TN 62°
Atlanta, 56°
Nashville, TN: 54°
Los Angeles, CA: 54°
El Paso, TX: 60°
Phoenix, AZ: 60°
Tallahassee, FL: 63
Tampa, FL 66°
Chicago (ORD): 70°

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