Chicago man’s private collection of cars is his American dream

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CHICAGO -- Stephane Rambaud is not your average guy. He was born in France, found himself an intern in Chicago at the age of 22. Then he stayed and worked and travelled the world before retiring at the ripe old age of 50.

Settling into his new role as retiree, he found himself more fired up than ever about cars and vintage cars.  He used to  dream of driving James Bond’s latest getaway car or Magnum P.I's sexy red Ferrari.

And now living his dream here in Chicago.

"When I see all these videos of collectors and they are on some beautiful street in Italy, Florida, California … and i am here with all these potholes,” he says.

So Rambaud beats the weather and the bad streets by bringing the fun off roads and indoors.

Once a jute factory, it is now his sanctuary complete with party room, bar, lounge and a showroom. He spent about $2 million rehabbing the Fulton Market warehouse and another $2 million to buy his extensive 16 car collection.

Rambaud says he can start the engine of every car in this showroom.

He is indulging himself these days after decades as a road warrior.  The cars and his friends to enjoy them with are more fun than ever imagined.

"People say the American dream is gone. I don't believe that,” he says.  "You work hard and then you do some things that are more about being happy and spending some of the fruit of your hard work. I think that's fair."

For the fast driving Frenchman, this project is fun indeed.

For now his showroom and lounge is for private use only, but he hopes to open it up for charity events down the road.


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