Snowfall in the winter of 1958-59

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Dear Tom,
During the winter of 1958-59, I remember delivering newspapers by bicycle through several heavy snows on the city’s Far South Side. How much snow did I pedal through?
— Frank Stachyra, Oak Park

Dear Frank,
While snowfall in the winter of 1958-59 was about normal, producing 41 inches, it did produce some major snowfalls in December and January that delivered more than 75 percent of the season’s snowfall. The season’s first storm totaled 6.1 inches on Dec. 7-8 and was quickly followed by 4.9 inches of snow Dec. 11-12. The season’s biggest snowfall was 10.8 inches spanning Jan. 18-21. Riding a bike would have been difficult, especially in late January, when the city’s packed snow peaked at 8 inches. Snowfall in your neighborhood may have been even heavier due to lake-effect.