Semi-autonomous technology on display at Auto Show

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Self-driving cars are coming and they’re currently being tested by companies around the country.

They aren’t ready for consumers yet but there are vehicles available now with semi-autonomous features.

It’s all being tested now by companies like Tesla, Google and Volvo. Volve plans to give 100 fully autonomous vehicles to drivers in Sweden by the end of the year.

You won’t see any of these fully autonomous vehicles at the Auto Show but you will see many vehicles with semi-autonomous features.

Vehicles available now also have adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist and even features to that let your car park itself.

Ford says it plans to have fully autonomous vehicles ready by 2021.

If you drive one the vehicles that has a mode that lets the car takes over, you legally can’t text or do work you still have to pay attention and keep a hand on the wheel. The driver is still responsible.

As technology keeps advancing, legislators are rushing to create regulations for the industry to make sure when there are fully self driving cars on the road it’s safe.

More information on the Auto Show here.

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