Public can discover eye-popping private collection of music machines in Chicago suburb

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BARRINGTON HILLS, ILL. -- Sprawling mansions are not unusual in suburban Barrington Hills.

The 44,000 square foot Sanfilippo Estate houses an incredible private museum with the world's largest collection of automated music machines.

The Sanfilippo family fortune is nuts. More precisely, the family owns the parent company of Fisher Nuts.

For about 20 years now, the Sanfilippo Estate has hosted charity events to raise money for various causes. There’s a particular commitment to women and children, education and the arts. Through fundraisers, about 10,000 visitors a year get to see and hear the collection which is so big, it’s nearly impossible to see and hear everything.

There are so many musical and historical artifacts, the total number can only be a guesstimate.

The Sanfilippo Foundation was established 10 years ago to preserve the collection and educate others through charity events. Over the past eight years, the Sanfilippo Foundation has raised over $11.5 million dollars for charity.

And more is in store, the public continues to discover this private wonderland.

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