Northwestern ready to dance: “Why not us?”

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EVANSTON, Ill. - Last week's surprise 21-point drubbing in West Lafayette isn't what Northwestern will be using as motivation for the final push into March.

What's really getting the Wildcats in the dancing mood is the storybook sports season that's been unfolding over the past twelve months.

"You saw what Villanova did with the buzzer beater, what the Cubs did which has been talked about, even last night just watching that game and seeing a comeback for the ages - of course your mind wanders about what you could potentially do," noted head coach Chris Collins. "I think that's genuine. I think our guys feel it."

"Yeah, why not us?" remarked point guard Bryant McIntosh "Isn't that the Cubs motto? We've kind of taken that on. Why not us? That's not something we're afraid of. We can't put all the pressure on us that we've failed for 80 years. All it takes is one year. I think we believe this is the best team that's ever been here. So yeah, why not?"

Northwestern still has some work to do, starting tomorrow night when they host the Fighting Illini.

Scottie Lindsey won't be in the lineup. He's been out sick the past week.

Coach Collins did say Nathan Taphorn would be available if he made it through today's practice unscathed.