#FeedonThis: The most tortured sports cities in America

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CHICAGO - It was quite a gloomy day in Atlanta - and it had nothing to do at all with the weather.

There's losing a Super Bowl - and then there is blowing a 25-point second half lead and then dropping the game in the first ever overtime in the big game.

ESPN had Dan Quinn's team with a 99.6% chance to win the game in the third quarter - and they still lost. It may very well have been the worst loss in the history of Atlanta professional sports.

It certainly is not the first, and it had Josh Frydman and Andy Masur thinking on Monday: Which American cities have been tortured the most by their sports team.

Their discussion is part of #FeedonThis from Monday's show and you can watch it in the video above.

Like everything else on Monday's Sports Feed, Man Crush Monday was all about Super Bowl LI.

An incredible comeback victory by the Patriots made for two easy selections for Andy and Josh on the show.

You can see who they picked in the video above.