Uber driver in Houston shocked to learn he’s driving Walter Payton’s son

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HOUSTON -- There are Chicago Bears -- and Walter Payton fans -- everywhere! That much is clear in a video that's going viral from none other than the son of "Sweetness," Jarrett Payton.

Jarrett and his family go to the Super Bowl every year to present a player with the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award. While in Houston, Jarrett hopped in an Uber with a driver who happened to be a WGN-TV fan, Cubs fan, Bears fan AND a Walter Payton fan.

"Walter's your favorite?" Jarrett says in the video. "Well guess what? That's my dad."

"Man, get out of here!" the driver says. "You give me chills! I'm getting them right now. Are you kidding me?!"

"I'm dead serious. I swear to God on everything," Jarrett says.

"Thank you Lord!" the driver says. "I'm sure you hear it all the time -- your dad was something else."

We couldn't agree more! The video, shared on Jarrett's Twitter account, has been liked and retweeted dozens of times.

Jarrett Payton is a sports reporter for WGN-TV and co-hosts CLTV's "Sports Feed" with Josh Frydman 6-7 p.m. CT, Sunday-Thursday.