Zoos battle on Twitter to see whose animals are the cutest

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CHICAGO — Zoos across the country took to social media to for a friendly competition to see whose animals were the cutest this week, and although it’s unclear which animal came out on top, it was a big win for anyone looking for an uplifting way to end the week.

It all started when the Smithsonian’s National Zoo tweeted a picture of a gray seal pup.

The Virginia Aquarium responded to the post with a picture of a few of its own animals, sparking an epic back-and-forth of whose animals were the cutest.

Not wanting to be left out of the debate, soon zoos from across the country joined in on the #CuteAnimalTweetOff, all trying to outdo the others.

Local zoos got into the game as well, including Alexander Camelton at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and Rizzo the baby slow loris and Sophia the orangutan with her baby from the Brookfield Zoo all joining in.