Chicago’s big April snow storm

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Dear Tom,

The Chicago Tribune article about the big 1967 snowstorm reminded me of another big snow in what had been a spring like April 1961. How did those storms compare?

— Kathy Treece, Kankakee

Dear Kathy,

While the April 15-17, 1961, snowstorm is the city’s largest so late in the season, its 6.8-inch total snowfall was less than a third of the 23 inches that paralyzed the city Jan. 26-27, 1967. The bulk of the snow came April 16, when the city’s official site at Midway Airport measured 5.4 inches. The heavy, wet snow, piled into 5- to 10-foot  drifts by winds gusting to 50 mph, shut down many area roads. The snow was heaviest south and east of Chicago with 5- to 9-inch totals common between Chicago and Indianapolis. But temperatures quickly rebounded into the 60s, melting the snow within a day or two.\