Colder with clouds and flurries the next few days

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A strong persistent upper-air pattern has evolved that will establish a steady west to northwest wind flow over the Great Lakes and the Chicago area through the coming weekend. A deep low pressure center will be situated just off the coast of Newfoundland, while a huge ridge of high pressure will dominate western Canada as well as the western and southern United States. Caught up in the counter-clockwise rotation, pin-wheeling elongated troughs of lower pressure will spin around the low pressure center, traveling through the Chicago area, repeatedly bringing reinforcing bursts of cold air along with periods of snow showers/flurries.

So the cloudiness that has been so persistent lately, giving us zero sunshine on 8 of the last 10 days, is expected to continue into the first part of next week. As of Wednesday, we sat at only 25.6 percent of possible sunshine for the month, the third-lowest January sunshine percentage since records began back in 1894.