Wayne Brady injures leg during Chicago ‘Hamilton’ performance

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CHICAGO — People attending “Hamilton” in Chicago on Saturday afternoon were left scratching their heads when actor Wayne Brady was pulled from the performance.

According to The Sun-Times, Brady’s understudy Carl Clemons-Hopkins replaced him about 15 minutes into the first act.

Brady messed up some lines before leaving the stage, and blames the flub on horrible pain. In a video posted to Twitter, he explains that he sprained his calf muscle during the performance:

“As I was doing ‘The Schuyler Sisters’ number, I felt a pop, and then I started limping like the world’s worst pimp, and not in a cool way either. And the pain hit me so hard at one point, all the lines just went out of my mouth. It was one of the weirdest 15 seconds I’ve ever had in show business.”

Brady’s injury wasn’t too bad, however. He was back performing Saturday night and Sunday.

He joined the Chicago cast less than a week ago and plays the role of “Aaron Burr.”

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