Hoiberg keeping Zipser in Bulls rotation

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CHICAGO - Let the Zipsanity begin.

If you're not familiar with Bulls rookie Paul Zipser, you should see plenty of him in the weeks to come.

Zipser's minutes have jumped from around five minutes a game in October, November and December to more than nineteen in January.

The Bulls second round pick has fared well with the little rope he's been given recently, stringing together back-to-back double digit efforts against the Hawks and Kings.

But, it's not just his offensive output that's caught head coach Fred Hoiberg's eye.

"That first game I started him at New York in the Garden, to be matched up at times in that game with Carmelo Anthony tells you everything you need to know," noted Hoiberg. "He looked right in my eyes and told me, 'I got you coach. I'm ready to go.' I thought he went out and performed well."

Well enough to take away minutes from Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis and Denzel Valentine - the Bulls past three first round draft picks.

Hoiberg's rotation, which he confirmed Zipser will be a part of for the foreseeable future, has been in flux as of late as he continues to look for consistency.

When asked if he thought the roster was flawed in general, Hoiberg was quick to mention Zipser again.

"I think the big thing you look for is consistency. Over these last couple weeks, we found a guy in Paul Zipser who's going to go out there and give it to you on both ends. He's proven that he belongs in the rotation based on the minutes that have been given the last few weeks. That's one player that we can have in there and you know is going to go out and battle and try to do the right things and follow the plan; give you floor spacing on one end defend on the other. He's proven to be a guy that can do that. Now, he's obviously, probably going to have ups and downs here the rest of the way based on the fact that he's a rookie. Again, you look at that second group and the different guys we've had out there at times - you've got a lot of young players that are still finding their way and feeling their way into this league. You're going to have some inconsistencies when you have as many young faces as we're trying to play with that second group."

We'll see just how much time Zipser gets tomorrow when the Bulls head to Orlando to play the Magic on WGN.

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