President Obama praises Cubs for historic win, fans, cool coach

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Of all the perks that come with winning the World Series, Anthony Rizzo said visiting the White House is icing on the cake and one of the best days of his life.

Although Rizzo and President Obama share the number 44, it's pretty clear who his favorite Cub is.

"Not a lot of managers or coaches are as cool as this guy," Obama noted, pointing to Cubs skipper Joe Maddon. "He's got a lot of tricks to motivate, but he's also a master of tactics and makes the right moves at the right time - when to pinch hit, when to pinch run, when to make it rain."

"It's a powerful moment. It really is," remarked Maddon. "It's a very humbling moment to be a part of this segment of Cubs' history, to be here in my second year as the manager of the team, and to accomplish what we did in such a short period of time. It's pretty magnificent, actually."

Maddon and the team came bearing gifts, including a Cubs jersey, which as a White Sox fan he chose to hold up instead of wear.

"Slinging arrows at the White Sox was pretty funny," Maddon laughed. "His speech writer is so good, too. They did their homework. Everything was on point. It's just fun to watch the delivery. He's got such a great delivery."

"Even though it will be hard for me to wear a jersey, do know that among Sox fans, I'm the Cubs number one fan," joked Obama.

Which is good since the Cubs also gave him a lifetime pass to Wrigley Field, the number 44 from the scoreboard and a signed flag, so he can fly his own 'W.'

"Let me say first of all, best swag I've got as president. I'm represented right here"

The real Cubs fan in the Obama family is the First Lady, Michelle.

She told a story to the team about how she remembers watching games as a kid with her family.

"Memories of climbing into dad's lap to watch games on WGN," recalled Obama. "That's part of the reason, by the way, why Michelle made sure Jose Cardenal was here because that was her favorite player."

The President might not have the same passion for the north siders as his wife, but he did say he respects the Cubs and their fan base because they're loyal, they suffer and they have hope.

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