Winds strengthening – Midway reports 55 mph gust

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Mid-afternoon wind gusts have exceeded 50 miles per hour at several Chicago-area locations – highest as of 3PM CST was a 55 mile per hour gust near Midway Airport. Chicago’s official observation site at O’Hare International Airport has recorded a 50 mile-per hour gust so far. The Winds here are shifting to the southwest and then west as the center of low pressure intensifies over northern Lake Michigan and the associated strong cold front swings through from the west. Wind Warnings/Advisories calling for winds in excess of 50 miles per hour continue in effect for our area until later this evening with north-south moving high profile vehicles most susceptible to the strong gusts.

Last time winds were this strong was three years ago (January 24, 2014) when O’Hare reported gusts to 51 Miles per hour. Prior to that we have to go back to  January 27, 1990 when O’Hare recorded a gust to 55 miles per hour – the record high gust was 67 miles per hour back on January 2, 1891.

Highest area airport wind gusts (mph) as of 3PM CST…







Romeoville/Lewis Univ…46

Du{age/West Chicago…45