Mayor Emanuel outlines plans for fighting crime, welcomes federal assistance

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CHICAGO -- Mayor Emanuel is speaking out for the first time in the New Year, taking questions after a ceremony Wednesday where more than 250 members of the Chicago Police Department were promoted as part of a larger effort to make communities safer.

Emanuel said that he can't promise things will be different in 2017, but he does promise every officer will be equipped with body cameras, and he welcomes Federal law enforcement agencies playing a bigger role during a Trump presidency.

The class of 277 newly promoted officers, detectives and lieutenants, is part of a bigger policing strategy that includes increasing the number of overall department personnel. 2017 has already seen at least 7 homicides and more than 50 shootings.

It's also the first time we've seen the mayor publicly since a 60 Minutes piece that aired last Sunday on Chicago's stratospheric homicide rate of more than 700 people killed in 2016. The episode featured a critical take from former superintendent Garry McCarthy, including claims Chicago police officers are being sacrificed for politics. McCarthy called it a department in 'crisis.'

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