Lunchbreak: Spiced salmon from Devon Seafood Grill

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Executive Chef David Rolon

Devon Seafood Grill
39 E. Chicago Avenue
(312) 440-8660


7-Spice Togarashi Salmon

Togarashi Salmon

6each - 8 oz portion Atlantic salmon filet

1 1/2 cup - 7 spice togarashi seasoning

1 oz. clarified butter


Note: Togarashi seasoning can be found in the Japenese spice section or at your local Asian market. Or, you can make your own by combining chiles, dried orange peel, Sichuan peppercorns, sesame seeds (white and/or black), dried ginger, and seaweed.


-Take salmon filets and coat them evenly with the Togarashi seasoning on all sides.

-In a sauté pan on medium high heat, add clarified butter. Once the pan has reached a smoking point, add the salmon fillets flesh side down. Let sear to form a crust from the seasoning approximately 1 minute.

-Using a fish spatula, turn the fish onto its other side.

-Put into the oven (350 degrees) and let cook for about 3-5 minutes.

-Once cooked, pull from the oven and set aside and keep warm in the pan.


Lemon risotto cake (6 cakes)

1 cup onion

1/4 cup minced garlic

3 cups Arborio rice

2 cups white wine

3 qts chicken stock

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

2 tablespoons lemon zest

1 tablespoon thyme

1/4 cup chive

1/4 cup parsley

2 cups  grated Parmesan cheese

1/4 lb butter

1/2 cup olive oil

Kosher salt and black pepper to taste


Shishito Peppers

1 lb washed and rinsed dry

Use the same pan as risotto cakes


-In a large skillet on low heat, add olive oil and onions. Sweat until translucent, 3-5 minutes.

-Add garlic. Cook to soften, about 1-2 minutes.

-Add the Arborio rice and toast, stirring constantly about 3-5 minutes.

-Add white wine to deglaze stirring. Reduce down the wine to about 1/2.

-Add 1 qt of chicken stock, constantly stirring.

-Repeat this process until the rice has absorbed the liquid and continue adding the stock stirring. It's very important you keep stirring to properly cook the rice. Once finished with the stock and the rice has absorbed it, check for doneness. We're looking for a nice soft and creamy risotto.

-Add the rest of the ingredients to the rice, mixing it in well.

-Lay on a sheet tray and let cool. Once it is fully chilled, it will be easy to work with and will harden up making it easy to form 4 oz cake patties.

-Form the patties using your hands, rolling into balls then slightly pressing them down. Then use your hands to smooth the ends so that they look like handmade cakes.

-Once that is done, heat up a skillet and add the oil. Once it reaches smoking point, gently place the cakes into the pan using a spatula letting them slide into the pan carefully.

-Same process with the fish. Form a nice crust, add the Shishito Peppers, then place into the heated oven (350 degrees) to heat through for about 3-5 minutes.


Cucumber Herb Slaw

1 each English cucumber split in half. Use a spoon to take out the center. Cut on a bias.

1 tablespoon yellow mustard seeds

1 tablespoon red chili flake

1/4 cup mirin

1 table spoon sugar

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar

1/4 cup chopped cilantro

Salt and pepper to taste

Radishes 1/2 lb cut into nice small thin strips (julienne)

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl.


Miso beurre blanc

1 cup Miso paste

2 cups white wine

1/2 cup minced shallots

1 cup cream

1/2 lb cold butter


-In a sauce pot, add wine, miso paste, shallots and let reduce until almost dry.

-Add cream and let reduce by half. Turn off the heat and swirl in the cold butter to emulsify the sauce. Keep stirring the cold butter until incorporated well.

-Add salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm.


-On a round plate in the center, add the sauce using a 2 oz. ladle.

-On the right side of the sauce (3 o'clock), add the risotto cake.

-Next to the cake on the left, add the peppers.

-Using a fish spatula, place the fish on top leaning on the cake.

-Add a tablespoon of the cucumber slaw on top of the fish.

-Take a pinch of the julienned radishes and use for garnish placing gently on top of the slaw.