Illinois ranks No. 13 on website’s ‘Winter Misery Index’

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Cars stuck on Lake Shore Drive during the Chicago 2011 blizzard

CHICAGO — Chicago has seen some occasional snow and we’re about to go into a deep freeze through this weekend, but in general, our winter has been relatively quiet. One slow month in the winter season doesn’t make Arizona any less enticing this time of year and we know by now how quickly winter weather in the Midwest can change for the worse.

The Thrillist looked at many factors when they ranked all 50 states on their Winter Misery Index. Illinois came in ranked no. 13 with the website noting a time honored tradition in the city.

“Chicago winters are notoriously rough, but the people there have the kind of warm and generous spirit that leads to displays of solidarity like… fighting over whether or not a pair of plastic lawn chairs constitutes indefinite rights to a shoveled out parking place post-snowfall,” the site said.

Keeping Illinois from having a worse ranking was what Thrillist called the state’s “pretty on-point” snow removal and residents’ ability to drink away their sorrows during Blackhawks’ games.

They say misery loves company and our neighbors are certainly there for us. Wisconsin ranks no. 7, Iowa ranks no. 11 and Indiana ranks no. 16, with the website fully aware that Northwest Indiana tries dragging down the rest of the state.

“The Region (that’s the creatively named NW corner of the state bordering Lake Michigan, for the uninitiated) definitely gets the worst of it — without warning, a foot of snow will just decide to show up and punch everyone in the face like a frosty Ron Artest,” the site said.

The Thrillist ranked Minnesota has having the most miserable winters, and not surprisingly, Hawaii has the best.