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South Shore community shows its pride through public portraits

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CHICAGO — A non-profit has teamed up with residents in the South Shore to bring art and pride to the community.

Portraits now hang in the Metra Electric Line stations at 87th Street  and 93rd  Street. And more hang in the nearby the Germano Millgate Apartments.

It is a project organized by the non-profit Archi-Treasures.

Archi-Treasures has been working with residents at the Germano Millgate Apartments since 2009. Nearly 2,000 people call this subsidized housing complex home.  And recently, the nonprofit heard they felt stigmatized for living in low income housing.

So the residents and Archi-Treasures teamed up with local artists to create and display the portraits as a way to show their personal stories and show that they have pride in themselves and their community.

Archi-Treasures works to improve communities throughout Chicago and hires young people to design, create and improve the properties where they live doing everything from arts projects to landscaping.

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