Search resumes after car plunges into Lynwood pond

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LYNWOOD, Ill. --Divers are back in the frigid waters of a retention pond in far south suburban Lynwood at this hour, recovering a car that plunged in Sunday with one or two people believed inside.

The search was suspended after four hours, with the car located resting on its roof in about 30 feet of water.

But visibility was so poor, the divers couldn't confirm anyone was inside. They couldn't even read the license plate to identify the car's owner.

One diver and the first police officer on the scene, who dove into the water in an effort to locate it, were hospitalized for exposure.

Cook County Sheriff's police have taken over the investigation and face mysteries such as why the car left the road, traveled over 100 feet through snow covered field without getting stuck and avoided concrete barriers that surround the pond.


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