Lunchbreak: Piquillo butter, prepared by Entente chef Mari Katsumura

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Chef Mari Katsumura

3056 N. Lincoln Avenue
(872) 206-8553



1 1/4C   Buttermilk

1/4C                       Sour Cream

4C                           All Purpose Flour

1 ½ T                      Baking Powder

2t                            Baking Soda

2t                            Salt, kosher

2 sticks  Butter, plugra or European style



  1. Scale dry ingredients into large mixing bowl
  2. Portion butter into 1/4 in cubes and add to dry.
  3. Break butter into petals with your fingertips using the flour to assist
  4. Slowly add the buttermilk and sour cream just until the dough forms a shaggy mass
  5. Invert contents of bowl onto work surface and perform 4 letter turns all at once
  6. Allow to chill over night or at least a couple hours
  7. Sheet to desired thickness and portion
  8. Bake at 400f high fan until light golden brown on the outside.



1C                           Cream Cheese, soft

2 sticks  Butter, soft

1C                           Piquillo Peppers

1/8t                        Garlic Powder

1/8t                        Onion Powder

2t                            Cayenne Pepper

1t                            Smoked Paprika

2 1/2t                    Salt, kosher


  1. Drain piquillo peppers from liquid and small/medium dice.
  2. Add all ingredients into a mixing bowl fitted with paddle attachment
  3. Mix until all contents are incorporated
  4. Store and use as needed