Crosses pop up across Indiana town following Christmas tree lawsuit

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The cross on top of the tree in Knightstown, Ind.

The cross on top of the tree in Knightstown, Ind.

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. — Crosses are being displayed all over central Indiana's Knightstown.

That's how residents are responding after a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana prompted the removal of a cross from the top of the town's Christmas tree. The ACLU said it violated the First Amendment.

The Knightstown Town Council released a statement Monday saying the cross was removed because the town could not win a lawsuit filed by the ACLU on behalf of resident Joseph Tomkins. The council said its decision was made based on advice from legal counsel.

The statement said the council is expected to approve a resolution at its meeting stating "it will not return the cross to the tree."

A local Facebook page posted the following statement in response:

"The Cross will come down, but we can still light the town with crosses. Look on the bright side, instead of just one cross, we can now have hundreds, we can light them everywhere in town. All things happen for a reason, and this has united the town citizens. Make a statement and put your lit cross out for everyone to see."

Following this post, the page has collected photographs that show crosses popping up all over town.

According to WXIN, residents who disagree with the decision to remove the cross say they plan to attend Thursday night's town council meeting to voice their frustration. The council is expected to approve a resolution stating that the cross will not return to the tree.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.