Classical Blast Perform Carol of the Bells-Game of Thrones Mashup!

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Classical Blast is a unique band dedicated to bringing the classical arts to mainstream rock & pop music.  They're classically trained musicians who love to rock… They're rock musicians who love all kinds of music!

Their new Christmas album won’t fail to impress. In fact, it just might be the most unique holiday album ever! Not only is “Dark Side of the Yule" uniquely Classical Blast— mashing famed classic rock songs with traditional holiday music— it also features Chicago celebrity vocalists who bring their signature sound to each beautifully crafted song. From Cathy Richardson’s rock style (Jefferson Starship, Cathy Richardson Band) to Wayne Baker Brooks' classic blues sound to Chris Connelly’s Bowie-esque croon (Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Sons of the Silent Age) and more, this is Chicago’s finest vocal talent paired with Classical Blast’s extraordinary arrangements and musicianship.

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