Kevin Fishbain discusses the Bears’ win over the 49ers on Sports Feed

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CHICAGO - At this time of the year, opinions can be split as to whether or not it's better to win or lose when you are a team like the Bears.

Beyond pride, it was NFL Draft positioning that was on the line as the two-win Bears faced the one-win 49ers on Sunday. It was understandable that some fans may have wanted the Bears to lose this game in the present for the sake of the future.

But after 60 snowy minutes of football on Sunday, there were plenty of reasons for everyone to be happy, whether rooting for the Bears to win or lose.

A number of younger players, who will be here no matter what the Bears do in the offseason, made significant contributions in the 26-6 win over the 49ers on Sunday. That was a major part of Kevin Fishbain's discussion on Sports Feed with Jarrett Payton on Sunday at Soldier Field.

To listen to the Pro Football Weekly writer's thoughts on the effort, click on the video above.